Can you contribute to our goal? Help young people develop the next generation of technology.

We are sure you have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) but what does IoT really mean for Orkney?  We want to put IoT technologies into play in Orkney, our young people have excellent ideas on its development but have no development boards to implement those ideas.

students planning big ideas


Unique geography, unique opportunities. We need your help.

Orkney's archapeglio of 70 islands and unique geography makes communication a challenge.  Increasingly Orkney is used as a test site to make or break the latest technologies.  LoRa development is mostly open source so doesn't have big backers; it allows individuals with an idea the chance to build an product that could put a ding in the universe.  It costs around £60 to setup a child with the development equipment to start making LoRa devices, we network with STEM ambassadors to provide the skills teaching young people how to use and develop the technology.

Do you think you could sponsor our project and help put development boards into the hands of Orkney's young people?   We need help to bulk buy development boards, with your sponsorship we could make this happen.

The ball is rolling! With thanks to OrkneyCloud and Multitech.

The ball is officially rolling, MultiTech, a manufacturer of LoRa gateways has kindly supplied us with a MultiTech Conduit® to get our project started. With this donation we can start to get the first students working with LoRa. We still are on the lookout for LoRa boards or funding to support their purchase so if you feel you, or your company, can help then please get in touch. Happy programming!

students planning big ideas


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